Hard Truth Farmer's Reserve

Hard Truth Farmer's Reserve

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Hard Truth Distilling Co. has partnered with Mellencamp Whiskey Co. — founded by Hud Mellencamp and Levi Collison — to release a limited series of collectible sweet mash whiskeys in support and celebration of America’s heartland farmers.

Farmer’s Reserve is the second release in a series of four whiskeys, with each bottle featuring original artwork by John Mellencamp and a previously-unreleased Sweet Mash Whiskey. This expression brings together a unique combination of Hard Truth’s Chocolate Malt Rye and Sweet Mash Bourbon rested on toasted Amburana wood.

Created to celebrate Indiana’s small, independent, and heritage farmers, Farmer’s Reserve whiskey uses primarily Indiana grains, and a portion of sales from each bottle will go to support Indiana’s sustainable farming initiatives and local farming families via Grounded in Truth, Hard Truth’s cause platform.

Grounded in Truth supports agriculturally focused not-for-profit organizations — like Farm Aid, its first giving partner — that provide valuable resources and support for family farmers.


Sweet, rich notes of cinnamon and brown sugar lead to toasted coconut, vanilla, clove, and mocha

Warm coffee cake gives way to vanilla custard, dark chocolate, and subtle candied fruit

Toasted coconut, black pepper, and honey envelop the palate for a lasting finish

106 Proof - 53% ABV