Glendalough Wild Botanical Irish Gin

Glendalough Wild Botanical Irish Gin

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To make this extraordinary gin, Glendalough forages wild botanicals in the Wicklow mountains all year round. Geraldine Kavanagh, their full time forager, brings the wild, fresh botanicals to the distillery within hours of foraging where small-batch slow-distillation is used to tease out the delicate botanical flavors.

Glendalough Wild Botanical Irish Gin serves the taste of 'a year in every bottle' and perfectly captures a place in time, with four seasons of foraging in wild Wicklow encapsulated in each bottle. Created in homage to the bountiful valley of Glendalough in County Wicklow, the new bottle has been designed to look as though it has been picked straight from the Wicklow forest floor.

Fresh notes of juniper, citrus, pine - a forest clearing in spring.

Cool and mellow at first, Summer flowers, wild Autumn fruits, warm spice.

Long and sylvan with warm Winter spices

41% ABV

Gold, 2023 - Italian Gin Awards
Gold, 2022 - Beverage Tasting Institute
Gold, 2022 - The Gin Masters
Dbl Gold, 2021 - SF World Spirits Comp.
Gold, 2021 - The Gin Masters
Gold, 2019 - IWSC
Gold, 2019 - Irish Gin Awards