Maen The Perfect Circle Japanese Whisky

Maen The Perfect Circle Japanese Whisky

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Enso (formally spelled ensō) is a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism meaning circle, or sometimes, circle of togetherness.

This premium Japanese blend is described as ‘a splendid modern dram’, a blend made from Malt and Grain, distilled 2 to 3 times.

The Perfect Circle logo is made by the hand of Juju Kurihara who is a 5 Dan Japanese calligrapher based in Berlin since 2012.

Bright fruits, raisins, fresh citrus with hints of licorice and natural vanilla sweetness.

Well-balanced taste which includes the refreshing sweetness of apples and peaches and the aroma of nuts, warming spices, nutmeg and white pepper. Honey-like, creamy texture with notes of toasted almonds and dried, sticky apricots.

43% ABV - 86 Proof