Hakata 10yr Sherry Cask Japanese Whisky

Hakata 10yr Sherry Cask Japanese Whisky

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Hakata Whisky is distilled and matured in Fukuoka, Japan by the Hikari Distillery (which was founded in 1912). The mash of the whisky is 100% barley. A fraction of this barley has been fermented with Koji providing healthy enzymes for fermentation and creating the highly sought after and delicious, savory taste known as Umami.

The Sherry casks this whisky is aged in are kept in traditional style warehouses as well as a few open-air warehouses where they are exposed to humid summertime temperatures of 95°F and winter temperatures of around 38°F. As a result, the whisky is bold and almost classical in flavor, retaining a freshness that is truly unique.

Hakata appeals to the most discerning whisky drinker as well as the casual enthusiast. The Sherry casks play a dominant role in this spirit, where Oak & Umami glosses over the palate and hugs the sides of the tongue. Its striking textural element and complex flavor take you on a timeless, elegant, and classic journey from beginning to end.

A true workhorse of the collection, the full flavor and authentic spirit-forward character of the Hakata 10 year old whisky introduces the distillery tone and elements in pure potential fashion.

93pts, Whisky Advocate: "Initially, there are dark sherry notes of plum, black cherry, and soy sauce, with a lift of gentle spices, then it evolves, adding caramel- ized roasted garlic, lemongrass, ginger, and concentrated notes of aged balsamic vinegar. A burst of browned butter on the palate, followed by nutty flavors, with ripe plum, damson, a dash of balsamic, clove, pepper, melted chocolate, and a mouth-filling finish of powdery cocoa."

Lemon meringue and strawberry preserves, old Oak and earthy.

Rich Sherry, walnuts, sweet raspberries.

Vanilla Oak, more Sherry, raisin, and orange peel. The finish is incredibly long.

42% ABV