BCN Gin - 1 Liter

BCN Gin - 1 Liter

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BCN GiN is distilled in El Priorat and enjoyed in Barcelona, Spain. It is a unique blend of the elixir of El Priorat grapes and the Mediterranean purity of its botanicals. The gin is perfectly balanced, with a complex flavor profile that captures the essence of the Mediterranean. It can be enjoyed neat, as a refreshing Gin & Tonic, or in any other cocktail.

Fresh, floral, Mediterranean notes, followed by the mystery of the juniper and the strength of citrus, with a touch of figs and fennel; the breezy aromas of a perfect summer afternoon in the Priorat.

The juniper underlines the strength of the rosemary and citrus.

Dry, sharp juniper and a touch of lemon to complete the perfection of the first taste, refreshing in the heat of the Barcelona night.

40% ABV