2XO The Kiawah Blend Straight Bourbon Whiskey

2XO The Kiawah Blend Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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2XO is a new whiskey brand from renowned blender Dixon Dedman. 2XO, meaning Two Times Oak, refers to Dixon’s unique blending process where he re-barrels his hand-selected whiskey into new charred oak barrels to create a unique combination of intense flavors, character, and complexity with each blend.

The Kiawah Blend is the fourth release in the ICON SERIES, which is a series of limited time, small batch blends. Each blend is different and bears its own name and symbol, inspired by something in Dixon’s life. The Kiawah Blend is a nod to Dixon’s happy place where he goes with family and friends to relax, unwind, and recharge. The Kiawah Blend’s mouthfeel is viscous and rich, moving from initial sweetness on the front of the palate, to more savory notes on the mid-palate, and finishing with a lingering peppery spice.

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Cedarwood

Vanilla, Oak, Clove, Lemon

Peppery Spice

52% ABV