Studebaker Old Fashioned

Studebaker Old Fashioned

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Studebaker brings together historians, leading bartenders and master blenders to recreate the taste of the most famous whisky cocktails of the Prohibition era.

During the days of Prohibition (1919-1933), Canadian Whisky boomed in the United States, as whisky that had been legally distilled north of the border made its way to the millions of thirsty Americans hiding out in speakeasies across the country. Bartenders looking for quality spirits quickly became fond of the dynamically rich taste of Canadian Whisky, and adopted it for classic whisky cocktails.

Each batch uses the finest Canadian Whisky, expertly blended & finished with select premium ingredients to replicate this unique & extraordinary taste of cocktail history.

Serve cold with an orange wedge.

30% ABV - 60 Proof