Pinhook 2022 Bourbon War Vertical Series 7yr Bourbon

Pinhook 2022 Bourbon War Vertical Series 7yr Bourbon

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The Bourbon Vertical Series is a unique opportunity to follow a group of 1,350 MGP bourbon barrels as they age from four to twelve years, and experience the arc of flavors throughout the nine-year journey. Every year, Pinhook selects 150 bourbon barrels from the lot and blends and proofs them to create the most balanced expression of the whiskey at that age. The Vertical Series began with the inaugural 4 Year release in 2019, and the journey continues through annual releases up to age 12.

With an additional year of age, this 7-year-old bourbon has a warm and opulent nose of fresh baked raisin bread, dark dried fruit, brown butter and burnt sugar giving way to a rich and coating palate of spiced ginger cookie, dried fig, eucalyptus, and molasses.

Corn: 75%
Rye: 20.5%
Malted Barley: 4.5%
Proof: 115

Crop '22

Double Gold, 2023 - SF World Spirits Comp.