Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Chapter 3

Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Chapter 3

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Bourbon and Sherry Pot Still Whiskey
2 Casks blended
111.4 Proof

A 'silent' distillery is one which has closed its doors and been lost to ages past. These distilleries are achieving almost mythical status in the eye of the whiskey collector, making their very rare bottlings highly sought after. When Midleton Distillery turned its key for the last time in 1975, it became an iconic part of Irish distilling legend.

• Bottle is presented in a bespoke cabinet hand-made by John Galvin, an award-winning Irish designer and woodworker
• Like the whiskey itself, the decanter created especially for this once-in-a lifetime distillation is a work of art.
• The decanter is mouth-blown and shaped before being cut and etched by the craftsmen at Ireland’s world-renowned House of Waterford. No two decanters are the same, but they share an impeccable pedigree.

Ireland's Rarest Ever Whiskey Collection!
• Untouched in terms of age in this country, and the oldest Single Pot Still ever released from Midleton
• The first Single Pot Still in the Collection
• This rare MVR Single Pot Still Whiskey is a marriage of two casks, a bourbon and a sherry cask. These casks were specially selected by Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman for the third chapter.

A rich medley of forest fruits, with notes of sugar-glazed cherries, earthy and toffee tones of muscovado sugar and almond flake. These notes complement the oak’s enduring influence on the spirit adding aromas akin to worn leatherbound ledgers and pipe tobacco, while the pot still spirit continues to firmly assert its presence adding measured levels of spice.

Opens with a luxuriously rich and full-bodied texture with accompanying notes of freshly brewed dark roasted coffee, caramelized fruits with crushed pistachio and hazelnut. Mild notes of dried herbs and peppermint add further complexity along with the oak’s soft tannins and delicate pot still spices.

Lasting finish in which the soft fruits and old pot still spices linger in harmony with the oak, further emphasizing how decades of undisturbed aging can create such balance and complexity.