Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey

Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey

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Kansas is a new whiskey for new whiskey drinkers. It's clean and light, with an astonishingly smooth and crisp finish. So it's easy to enjoy. You don't have to acquire years of whiskey experience to love it. All you need is a glass, and the curiosity to try something different.

Many whiskies are produced in pot stills. A pot still captures all the inherent flavors of the grain, and along with it the strong flavors typically associated with whiskey. Kansas is different. They employ a column still, much like the distillation process used in creating the world's finest vodkas. This method allows them to extract a nearly pure and exceptionally clean tasting distillate. This distillate is free from congeners, which produce harshness and bitterness. They then marry this distillate to their select, artisanal whiskey.

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