Highland Park Twisted Tattoo 16yr Single Malt Scotch

Highland Park Twisted Tattoo 16yr Single Malt Scotch

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Twisted Tattoo is the new limited edition from Highland Park. For the first time in the distillery’s history, Master Whisky Maker Gordon Motion has combined Spanish Rioja seasoned casks (70%) with first-fill Bourbon casks (30%) to deliver a whisky that is rich, full-bodied and like no other.

By retaining the Bourbon cask element, Gordon created a thread of continuity between this edition and its award-winning predecessor, Full Volume. The experimental addition of Rioja seasoned casks was inspired by the craft of tattooing. Gordon used these special casks to add rich color and flavor, in the same way tattoo artists use color and technique to leave a mark and tell stories on skin.

The striking packaging for Twisted Tattoo was designed by Copenhagen-based tattoo artist Colin Dale who is renowned for his creations using the classic stick and poke tattoo technique. This non-electric method is done freestyle with needle and ink, building each intricate design dot by dot. The design is inspired by the Viking heritage of Orkney and specifically, the legend of the Midgard serpent which grew so large it twisted around Earth to bite its own tail.

COLOR: Natural cask-driven color, No additives, Clear and bright with a touch of soft rose tint driven by the Rioja cask influence

TASTE: Rich and full-bodied with notes of vanilla, sun-ripened peaches, robust red wine and light peat smoke

47% ABV