Remus Repeal Reserve Series II

Remus Repeal Reserve Series II

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100 Proof - 50% ABV
DISTILLERY: Lawrenceburg, IN

Vanilla, toasted oak and maple

Layers of sweet vanilla, caramel, toasted oak, and bold spice

Rich and bold, with maple and a dynamic lingering rye spice

15% 2007 Bourbon - 21% Rye
50% 2008 Bourbon - 21% Rye
10% 2007 Bourbon - 36% Rye
25% 2008 Bourbon - 36% Rye

It's widely known that George Remus made the finest bourbon during Prohibition. The George Remus brand is pleased to carry on the tradition once again with Remus Repeal Reserve Series II, the 2018 limited edition follow-up to the award-winning Remus Repeal Series I.