Douglas Laing's The Epicurean Lowland Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Douglas Laing's The Epicurean Lowland Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

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Douglas Laings The Epicurean Lowland Malt Scotch Whisky tells the story of a 1930s Glasgow man, a real cheeky chappy who was ever the life and soul of the party, and a real connoisseur of fine food and drink. A dram described as city born and bred, The Epicurean is a blend of some of the finest Lowland Malts; a marriage of the best that the East and the West of Scotland have to offer. This small batch bottling is proudly without coloring or chill-filtration and bottled at 46.2% ABV.

The Epicurean is proudly one of Douglas Laing's Remarkable Regional Malts, alongside Timorous Beastie (The Highlands), Scallywag (Speyside), Rock Oyster (The Islands) and Big Peat (Islay).

In a tipple of Douglas Laing's Small Batch The Epicurean, you can bet on a nose that is barley-rich, citric, floral and herbal. The mouth-coatingly sweet palate displays crunched sugar, burnt citrus, mixed spices, thyme, peaches and hard candy All charmingly underpinned and enriched in the finish with more of that earlier herbal character, in a gristy style with almonds, cut grass and burnt sugar.

46.2% ABV