Domaine Lafond Pol Epine Tavel Rose 2010

Domaine Lafond Pol Epine Tavel Rose 2010

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Grape Varieties : Grenache 60%, Syrah 10%, Carignan 5% along with Clairette, Picpoul, Bourboulenc
and Mourvdre.

Type of Soil : Three types of light and filtering calcareous substances: fluviatile sand and rounded
pebbles, limestone gravel and red clay, red clay and quartzite pebbles.

Climate : Mediterranean, warm and temperate with much wind. Tavel is situated in the axis of the Rhone
River Valley with an average of 2700 hours of sunshine per year.

Harvesting : All of the grapes are harvested manually thereby concentrating on quality. The grapes are
sorted by the picker and arrive intact in the cellar thus avoiding any form of oxidation. This method
enables them to protect the excellent state of the vine plants and the future of the vineyard.

Aspect : The colour is a brilliant deep pink, lively, which will evolve towards an orangey hue with age.

Vinification Method : Destemmed 100%, then macerated 48 hours between the temperatures of 8-10C
in order to obtain a rich intense colour, maximum aromas and maximum concentration. The following two steps are pressing and fermentation regulated at low temperatures (16-20C) during 8 to 10 days.

Aromas : The LAFOND DOMAINE TAVEL is characterized by a lovely pure tender pink colour. The
predominating aromas are complex: red and white fruit associated with floral notes. With time, these fruity aromas will evolve toward more mellow notes with a touch of spice and stone fruits, and the colour will take on amber tints. As of its first year, it disposes of all the necessary aromas to be appreciated, but it also has an exceptional ageing potential.

Best with : Starters, spicy Mediterranean dishes, grilled meat, fried fish, but also with white meats and
poultry. Tavel is also THE wine to accompany Brandade (a pure of cod fish, potatoes, olive oil),
Bourride (monkfish in a creamy garlic sauce) and the famous Bouillabaisse (a selection of fish in a
spicy sauce). Moreover, Tavel wine is particularly recommended with Asiatic cooking, marrying well with the savours from the Far East. It is quite recommendable for Tavel to be enjoyed from beginning to end of the meal, thus avoiding certain mixtures which can hinder good digestion.

Serving temperature: between 10-12C.

Keeping : Wine is best kept in a dark place with a constant temperature and certain amount of humidity.
Coolness is its biggest ally in view of the altitude. For optimal storage conditions, it is advised that you keep your bottles at a maximum temperature of 16C with 70-85% humidity.