Domaine Bader-Mimeur Bourgogne Chardonnay Dessous les Mues 2019

Domaine Bader-Mimeur Bourgogne Chardonnay Dessous les Mues 2019

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Pale gold color, luminous. Pleasantly mineral and minty nose, floral notes (lime blossom) and white fruits. The palate confirms the fruit-flower fusion in a straight, generous and fleshy style. A complex burgundy, which plays in the big leagues.

Keeping period (in good conditions): 2019-2025

Service temperature: 55 to 57 °F

Open 15 minutes before drinking or to aerate well.

100% Chardonnay - White Burgundy Wine - 14% ABV

The estate began in the 11th century. During the 14th century, It was owned by J. de Chaissaigne, when the name for the estate was established. Nothing noteworthy happened for next few hundred years until the French Revolution. The estate was auctioned off in pieces. A wine trader from Masson Dubois meticulously reconstructed the estate, acquiring all land bit by bit. In 1919, Charles Mimeur purchased the estate and it has been in his family ever since. The family has a couple of wine shops in Paris, where most of their wines are sold. They supplement the domaine vineyard holdings with purchased grapes from a few highly acclaimed vineyards.