Dewar's 27yr Double Double Blended Scotch - 375ml

Dewar's 27yr Double Double Blended Scotch - 375ml

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Dewar’s new series of blended Scotch whiskies was created using an innovative four-step aging process named Dewar’s Double Double.

The four-step maturation process involves marrying single malts together in an exhausted Bourbon cask for up to six months. A selection of grain whiskies is also married together in separate exhausted casks, before all the whiskies are blended together and rested in more exhausted ex-Bourbon casks. The blend is then finished in three different kinds of first-fill ex-Sherry cask for up to one year.

The 27 Year Old has been finished in ex-Palo Cortado casks, and has floral notes, along with green fruits and malt.

46% ABV