Bookers 30th Anniversary Bourbon

Bookers 30th Anniversary Bourbon

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30 years ago Booker Noe released the first batch of his namesake Bookers Bourbon as his vision of what the perfect whiskey should be. In honor of his legacy and in celebration of 30 years of the damn good whiskey he created, Booker's is celebrating in the best way they know how by releasing a special extra-aged, limited edition Bookers Bourbon.

30% uncut, unfiltered 16-year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon
70% uncut, unfiltered 9-year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon

125.8 Proof

Over the last few years, the floors of some of Booker's rackhouses in Clermont were in need of redoing, so they pulled up the floorboards. They thought it would be a shame to throw away so much history, so they stored them away for something special. Each box of Bookers 30th Anniversary Bourbon is made from the reclaimed wood of those floors the same floors walked by legends Booker and Fred Noe as they selected batches of Bookers. A good portion of this batch spent the last 16 years aging in barrels, much longer than a typical batch of Bookers, giving the bourbon an opportunity to develop a beautiful, rich chestnut color that reminds me of the horses that race in the Kentucky Derby each year. The nose of this batch is especially unique, almost like walking into the rack house where the barrels age, and offers oak aromas with some sweet notes from the extra time the liquid spent moving in and out of the white oak barrels. The taste profile of this batch is that full vanilla flavor that Dad loved, married with just the right amount of robust oak notes from extra.