Blackadder The Legendary 20yr Single Malt Scotch

Blackadder The Legendary 20yr Single Malt Scotch

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Blackadder’s philosophy is very simple – they believe that the Cask is King. Sixty to seventy percent of the flavors in a whisky are taken up slowly from the cask as the spirit lies maturing in the warehouse. The action of changing temperature draws the spirit in and out of the cask.

A family operation started and piloted by whisky legend Robin Tucek, they sell to a few limited countries around the world, primarily Taiwan, Japan, the USA and Sweden.

Every cask is unique, with its own fingerprint. This is why they bottle most of their whiskies from single casks. They don’t believe in chilling or otherwise heavily filtering their whiskies, and they never, repeat never, add caramel coloring or flavoring to their spirits. They have always believed the personalities of their whiskies are colorful enough. Their raw cask is famous for the barrel char in each bottle.

Aged 20 years - 92 Proof