Barrell Whiskey Single Barrel 18yr

Barrell Whiskey Single Barrel 18yr

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Barrell Craft Spirits blends exceptional bourbons out of ingredients sourced from all around the nation. Their extensive stocks of high-quality casks mean they can craft extraordinary blends that maximize the nuances of each ingredient, yet always add up to more than the sum of their parts.

Each batch typically contains a range of ages and styles to add layers of complexity. This particular selection, however, comes from a single barrel of Kentucky bourbon that has been aged a minimum of 18 years, then bottled at cask strength: 117.4 proof in this case. This barrel selection is every bit as fantastic as that sounds. 

Like all of Barrell's bourbon, this one is released uncut and unchill-filtered. Rich, complex and balanced, with notes of tropical fruits, baking spices and nuts. A long, satisfying finish leaves you thirsting for more. 

But it's a limited quantity. Each barrel produces between 150 and 190 bottles, and once they're gone, they're gone. Don't sleep on this bourbon.

Barrel #: A106

Proof: 117.4

58.7% ABV