Waterford Single Farm Origin Dunmore Edition 1.1

Waterford Single Farm Origin Dunmore Edition 1.1

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Distilled: Week 27 2016
Maturation: 3yrs 11mos 17 days
Bottled: August 2020
# of Bottles: 13,000
Edition: 1.1
50% ABV

Barrel Composition: 33% First Fill US, 18% Virgin US, 25% Premium French, 24% Vin Doux Naturel (sweet fortified wine)

deep gold

malty, raisins, orange chocolate, black peppercorns, citrus fruits, red currants

spice rack bomb, green apple, marzipan, lemon sherbet, licorice, grapefruit, dark chilly chocolate, popping candy

warm clove that tingles on your tongue and then becomes mouth-watering

Using the world's finest barley, Waterford's Single Farm Origin series is an uber-provenance range of limited edition natural whiskies that explore Irish terroir.

All of the 100% Irish barley that is used in the Dunmore Edition 1.1 comes from a single farm - that of John Tynan from County Laois. The Dunmore whisky is named after the nearby medieval fort of An Dún Mór and crafted with terroir barley from the western-facing lowland fields.