Knob Creek Quarter Oak Bourbon

Knob Creek Quarter Oak Bourbon

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This limited-supply release uses a secondary finishing approach as an ode to founding distiller Booker Noe, who was famously dedicated to crafting bourbon with the fullest and boldest flavors, characteristic of pre-Prohibition style.

Knob Creek Quarter Oak takes the brand's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and finishes it for a minimum of four years in quarter cask, American oak barrels to increase the amount of contact between the whiskey and wood.

A small amount of this special edition, secondarily finished whiskey – which delivers richer notes of oak – is then mingled with Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon to create the final product, which Knob Creek says "boasts a harmonious balance of oak influence and traditional, sweeter notes."

Dark Honey

A nice blend of brown sweets, char and toasted oak with hints of dried fruits

Sweet, heavy oak with background notes of char, dried fruits and brown spices

Slightly sweet charred oak with a lingering dryness

100 Proof