Flor de Cana 130th Anniversary 20yr Rum

Flor de Cana 130th Anniversary 20yr Rum

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Through its 130-year history, the Flor de Cana brand, the company and the family have lived through a plane crash, a civil war, nationalizations, hyperinflation, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Throughout all this, and against all odds, the company has also been able to remain a family business for five generations: Only 3 in 10,000 family businesses make it to the 5th generation!

Flor de Cana is recognized as one of the finest rum distilleries in the world. The company has decided to honor their history with a unique bottling. This limited edition has been aged for no less than 20 years and is presented in a beautiful display case with a crystal bottle.

There are notes of toasted hazelnut, dark chocolate, caramel, toasted black pepper, pineapple, baked banana with brown sugar, vanilla, mango bark and treacle. This is a full bodied and slightly drying rum.

45% ABV