Camus XO Prestige

Camus XO Prestige

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With its XO Prestige Decanter, CAMUS is bringing Elegance and Beauty back to the center of the table.

Today, CAMUS reconnects with the tradition of “les arts de la table”, removing labels and over-exposed branding to bring back Elegance and beauty in their most transparent and authentic form.

The decanter was made for lifetime use. It is an elegant centerpiece and decoration for the dining table. The ultimate gift and art piece!

Superior taste is the result of a richness in esters, maturing for at least 10 years in toasted fine grain small oak barrels and re-toasted.

Savory aromas of bitter apricot and oranges, as well as notes of exotic fruit and a dash of deep cacao.

It is first silky with a honey-like texture and an intense florality, with savory notes which evolve into toasted aromas and a persistent, spiced finish. Simply said, it is classic and intense.

40% ABV