Lagavulin 11yr Scotch - Offerman Edition

Lagavulin 11yr Scotch - Offerman Edition

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For fans of Ron Swanson/Nick Offerman, this bottle of Lagavulin is a must have! Lagavulin Offerman Edition 11 Year is named in honor of the actor Nick Offerman, a Lagavulin enthusiast who has appeared in numerous ads for the brand.

In the words of Offerman...

"At Offerman Woodshop, I select my various wood species for their strength, density, and rich visual beauty, with a discernment I have also applied to my choice of single malt. For this Lagavulin Offerman Edition I am grateful that my passion for wood has been brought to bear by utilizing refilled and rejuvenated American white oak casks in the maturation process.

The romance begins with an initial whiff of peppery green apple, followed swiftly by a jitterbug of stewed berries. The tangy spice from the handmade charred casks perfectly couples in a tango with the peaty burnt ember characters, featuring a sensation on the nose reminiscent of your favorite campfire. To taste, the woody, peaty notes lead from the front, gently tingling the tongue in a cha-cha before fading to reveal a veritable waltz of sweet berry and orchard fruit notes. The familiar Lagavulin distillery character steps forth, presenting aromatic peat with every sip. A few moments after the liquid has gone, that peaty essence remains, characterising a wonderfully energetic flamenco finish from a redoubtable liquid with an unmistakable panache for which I am tickled to write box copy. It looks great in a tutu, to boot.

This 11 year Lagavulin is like a top shelf brass band...blowing smoky jazz and marching straight down your gullet."

46% ABV