Old Pulteney 15yr Single Malt Scotch

Old Pulteney 15yr Single Malt Scotch

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Matured for 15 years, this is Old Pulteney's most balanced and smooth single malt. Balancing two different sides of the flavor spectrum, this single malt marries these perfectly, whilst also reflecting the distillery's coastal home and its unwavering influence.

On one hand, this is an intense single malt, yet at the same time, it is truly balanced. Spice and sweetness unite in this naturally rich amber whisky to celebrate rich flavors, yet lighter, more refreshing coastal notes show another side of this single malt.

Rich amber.

Intense yet balanced. Bursting with rich dried fruit, ripe apples and citrus, with honey sweetness and a generous chord of creamy vanilla. Slightly chocolaty and floral in the background.

Fragrant spices and Christmas cake, with layers of chocolate and a distinct dark toffee sweetness. There is a hint of salty sea air on the finish, a clear connection to the influence of the sea on this single malt.

46% ABV