Macallan Classic Cut Single Malt Scotch - 2023 Edition

Macallan Classic Cut Single Malt Scotch - 2023 Edition

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The 2023 Edition explores dynamic, multi-sensory dimensions inspired by the whisky's unique tasting notes, while the addition of 'one cut' of water opens up a new, sensorial world from pear to almond biscotti. This high strength release demonstrates The Macallan’s ongoing quest to seek out the extraordinary.

This exceptional single malt has matured in a union of ex-Bourbon American oak and sherry seasoned European oak casks.

Immerse yourself in a world of flavors, where the essence of fresh pear and almond biscotti takes center stage. Through a mesmerizing catwalk experience, vibrant fabrics and color choices evoke the freshness of the unique pear tasting note, whilst the flowing texture of a golden gown represents the almond biscotti flavor profile that is revealed with ‘one cut’ of water.

Golden Barley

Elegant fragrance of pears and elderflower with light almond notes and rich vanilla pod

Sweet and creamy vanilla, juicy pears and lemon peel with delicate oak

Medium with sweet oak and almond biscotti

50.3% ABV

At full strength (50.3%) the prominent character of the spirit is pear. When ‘one cut’ of water is added, the strength is reduced to 40%, and almond biscotti steps forward as a flavor.