Una Vida Tequila 3pk - Blanco, Repo, Anejo

Una Vida Tequila 3pk - Blanco, Repo, Anejo

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3 PACK INCLUDES: Blanco, Repo & Anejo

Tequila is normally a drink that has a burn and peppery finish. Una Vida Tequila is going to break that barrier with its pure and refined recipe. You only have one life, make Una Vida your one tequila.

Una Vida is a product that is made for a consumer that is more educated, and savvy in their liquor choices. Consumers now want to know the story behind what they are drinking, not just a name. They want tradition, culture, and passion… Una Vida provides all of these.

Aroma: Cooked agave, mint, peppermint, butterflakes.
Flavor: Delicate fruit and floral tones balanced.
40% ABV

Color: Luminous, golden amber color with orange flashes and large body.
Aroma: Gentle aromas of cooked agave, herbal nuances, cherry caramelized tones, balanced between the aromas developed in the distillation and those of the barrel.
Flavor: Agave, maple and grapefruit
Maturation: 6 months in white oak barrels.
40% ABV

Color: Intense color and shades of copper.
Aroma: Aromatic tones cooked, herbal nuances, vanilla and caramel aromas, from their aging in barrels.
Flavor: Silky and intense, with a sweet finish.
Maturation: 18 months in white oak barrels.
40% ABV

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