Smoke Wagon Private Barrel Bourbon

Smoke Wagon Private Barrel Bourbon

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Warehouse: WT5
Barrel #: 39-138
Bottled For: SLABS/Randall's
Aged: 7 years
57.67% ABV - 115.34 Proof
Barrel Yield: 198 Bottles

This pick was done by a local whiskey group named SLABS. We released a single barrel earlier this year with another local group called St. Louis Bourbon Society that sold out in less than a week. For this barrel, SLABS had been trying to acquire one for over 4 years, so this barrel has been very long awaited.

Embark on a sensory journey through the untamed wilds of bourbon with Smoke Wagon Single Barrel Whiskey. Crafted with precision and aged to perfection for seven years, this liquid gold embodies the essence of adventure and refinement.

In the glass, Smoke Wagon Single Barrel captivates with its rich amber hue. Its viscosity coats the glass, hinting at the depth and complexity that this whiskey provides.

Upon nosing, a symphony of aromas unfolds. Waves of toasted oak and charred vanilla dance harmoniously, intertwining with hints of caramelized sugar and dried fruits. Delicate floral notes emerge, while a subtle spice lingers in the background, inviting intrigue.

The first sip reveals the whiskey's true character—a bold and robust flavor profile that commands attention. Initially, it shows the proof but instantly melts away. Velvety smooth on the palate, it delivers a rush of rich caramel and decadent toffee, balanced by layers of oak and dark chocolate. As the journey unfolds, nuances of ripe stone fruits and a touch of honey emerge, adding depth and complexity. The high proof amplifies the intensity, enveloping the senses in a warm embrace that lingers long after the final sip.

We believe the finish is where this Smoke Wagon Single Barrel truly shines. Lingering and seductive, it leaves a lasting impression of sweet oak and spice, with a subtle warmth that invites contemplation.

Overall: Smoke Wagon Single Barrel Whiskey at 7 years old, 57.6% ABV, is a testament to the artistry and dedication of its craft. From its captivating aroma to its luxurious finish, every sip is an invitation to explore the untamed spirit of the American West. Whether sipped neat or savored in your favorite cocktail, this exceptional whiskey is sure to leave a lasting impression on the adventurous palate.