Ballantines 10yr Blended Scotch

Ballantines 10yr Blended Scotch

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Ballantine's was curious about the type of whisky that is favored by whisky producers. Their master blender crafted a whisky that he himself would enjoy. Introducing Ballantine's 10-year-old Scotch.

To ensure the perfect recipe for Ballantine's 10-year-old, their master blender meticulously sampled a variety of whiskies. This attention to detail results in a blend that is perfect for the patient drinker who eagerly anticipates savoring it again. Ballantine's 10 was created with a deep love for whisky and is perfect for those who share that passion.

Golden honey.

Sweet honey with hints of oak and vanilla.

Complex honey and floral flavors with a creamy oak sweetness.

Long lasting, refreshing and sweet.

40% ABV