Jameson Caskmates Revolution Brewing Edition

Jameson Caskmates Revolution Brewing Edition

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When asked if they were interested in coming over to Ireland and making a limited edition Caskmates, Revolution Brewing packed their bags immediately. While in Midleton, they learned about Jameson’s production process and experienced all that Ireland had to offer. The Revolution team were taken to Jameson's distillery where they would brew up their top secret Fist City Pale Ale recipe.

The beer imparted the amazing flavors of Fist City onto Jameson's oak barrels. The beer was replaced with Jameson's whiskey, and Jameson Caskmates Revolution Brewing Edition was born.

The experiment married the smoothness of Jameson with the signature Fist City grapefruit notes, hop aromas, and a solid malt finish for the perfect whiskey to pair with Revolution beer. It's recommend that you sip both of these unique creations alongside each other.

As a brewery born in Logan Square, Revolution’s partnership with Jameson Caskmates has always been about supporting their local neighborhood. As two brands born in the neighborhood bar, it is only fitting that Jameson and Revolution Brewing have now collaborated to create a whiskey to the people who have been devoted to the Windy city over the years. Jameson finished in Fist City Pale Ale barrels, a beer only available in Illinois, how more local can it get?

Owner Josh Deth & head brewer Jim Cibak had long careers at bars and breweries before they pooled their experience to open Revolution Brewing together in 2011. Since then, Revolution Brewing has become one of Chicago’s best spots to get together and sample a wide range of local brews - and the perfect place to enjoy Jameson Caskmates Revolution Brewing Edition.