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  1. Barrell Bourbon Batch 31
    Barrell Bourbon Batch 031 is a blend of 6, 7, 10, 15 and 16-year-old barrels. The blend was built around the sweetness in a group of 99% corn bourbon barrels and a group of wheated bourbon barrels. To bridge these two groupings, the distillery layered in 15 and 16-year-old barrels for their gentle...
  2. Barrell Whiskey American Vatted Malt
    This bottling is a blend of exclusively American single malt whiskeys. Barrell Craft Spirits partnered with small and large producers across the country to select whiskeys that express the full diversity of American terroir and style. The resulting blend is remarkable, and they are proud to be the first to showcase...
  3. Barrell Private Release Whiskey - Islay Single Malt Scotch Cask
    Currently shipping Batch DH33:116.08 Proof - 58.04% ABVDH33 is a blend of KY Whiskeys, the largest component being 18-year-old KY whiskey, finished in an Islay Single Malt Scotch Cask.The Barrell Private Release Series is a project in detailed blending on a scale small enough to allow extreme precision. This is the first time in...
  4. Sale
    Barrell Bourbon 16yr Gold Label
    Barrell Craft Spirits Gold Label Bourbon is a blend of 16 and 17-year-old straight bourbons. Barrels for this release were selected from four different collections: cherry bomb barrels with a rich mouthfeel, nutty oak-forward barrels, high proof and high complexity barrels, and barrels with pronounced milk chocolate notes. The last group underwent...
    $399.97 $499.99
  5. Barrell Dovetail Whiskey
    Please call for current proof of this bottling. Dovetail is blended to highlight some of the best flavors. Woody bourbon; terroir driven Dunn Cabernet; toasted french oak; Late Bottled Vintage Port pipes; black strap molasses casks; all working in tandem to create a buttery and deep whiskey as unique as it...
  6. Barrell Seagrass Rye Whiskey
    Barrell Seagrass is an ode to coastal memories, blended to evoke the joy of a day on the beach and an evening listening to the soothing rhythm of waves. Hot sun, brisk air, dry sand, and oceanside vegetation are brought to mind. A ripe and inviting tropical nose and grassy, bright body...
  7. Barrell Bourbon Batch 30
    Barrell Bourbon Batch 030 began with a group of tropical fruit forward 5-year-old Indiana barrels, a group of stone fruit forward 10-year-old high-rye Tennessee barrels, and a group of nutty 6, 9, 11, and 15-year-old barrels. After mingling separately for a month, they were carefully blended together. Finally, wheated bourbon from Kentucky and Wyoming...
  8. Barrell Private Release Rum
    Currently shipping Batch B616: Cask Strength - 130.14 Proof/65.07% ABV The base rum, from Barbados, makes up 61% of the final blend. The marrying and finishing were done in a Bourbon Cask. The Barrell Private Release Series is a project in detailed blending on a scale small enough to allow extreme precision. This is...
  9. Barrell Whiskey Infinite Barrel Project
    The intent of the Infinite Barrel Project is to create an ever-changing whiskey blended from barrels of mature whisk(e)y. Barrell Craft Spirits began by selecting barrels for their flavor contribution and complexity and blending them in a larger single, or "Infinite" vessel. At each bottling they remove a portion of that whiskey...
  10. Sale
    Barrell 16yr Gray Label Seagrass
    130.82proof The foundation of BCS Gray Label Seagrass began with two groups of 16-year-old 100% Canadian Rye barrels - one with bright citrus and crisp green apple notes and the other with earthy spearmint notes. A portion of the first group was finished in Apricot Brandy casks, a portion of the second group...
    $199.97 $249.99
  11. Barrell Armida Bourbon Whiskey
    Armida is a blend of three Straight Bourbon Whiskeys finished separately in Pear Brandy, Jamaican Rum, and Sicilian Amaro Casks. The ripe, floral pear notes provide a soft entrance into a whiskey that is adorned with hints of spice and arid citrus derived from the Amaro casks (and also the toasty bourbon itself)....
  12. Nashville Barrel Co. Cask Strength Bourbon
    Though Nashville Barrel Co. specializes in single barrel offerings, they know that too often the right combination of multiple special single barrels often produces some of the best small batch whiskey on the planet, and they feel they've done just that. These batches blend bourbon 5-8 years old and they're...
  13. Broken Barrel Isle of Peat American Whiskey
    Broken Barrel Isle of Peat explores the concept of reclaiming flavor from oak while also reclaiming oak from the Scots. American whiskey is heavily dominated by Bourbon - a whiskey governed by a rule that a new oak barrel can only be used once. Scotch whisky however follows no such rule, and Americans export...
  14. American Barrels Kentucky Bourbon
    American Barrels produces skillfully crafted small batch bourbon, refined and bottled in Charleston, South Carolina. The bottle embodies two things Americans hold dear – whiskey barrels and gun barrels. (The bottom of the bottle resembles a shotgun shell.) CEO and Founder Michael Reed had these sentiments in mind when he started...
  15. Orphan Barrel Fable and Folly 14yr Single Malt Scotch
    When Orphan Barrel's master blender discovered the last remaining stores of their whiskies from years gone by, he thought it only fitting to share these whiskies with the world. He married the remaining stocks of Barterhouse, Forged Oak and various Rhetoric releases with aged rye and corn whiskies to create...
  16. Handy & Schiller Barreled Old Fashioned
    The Handy & Schiller Old Fashioned is made using Sazerac's flagship Buffalo Trace Bourbon and the classic Peychaud’s Bitters. Carefully aged in Sazerac's warehouses at Buffalo Trace Distillery, this cocktail can be enjoyed neat or over ice and it is perfect every time. This barrelled Old Fashioned has a perfect balance...
  17. Barrel Burner Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
    This Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon is a powerful example of Cabernet from California, leading with enticing aromas of brambly fruit, cassis and vanilla. On the palate, ripe dark fruit flavors are accented by hints of toasted oak and subtle savory notes. Balanced tannins and a full-bodied structure add to the pleasurable mouth-feel,...
  18. Nashville Barrel Co. Small Batch Rye
    At 100 proof, this small batch blend marries 4 and 8 year ryes into a wonderfully approachable offering. Batch 2 - A Duet of Ryes94% Rye, 5% Malted Barley4 and 8 year Ryes100 Proof AWARDS91pts, Whisky AdvocateGold, 2021SF World Spirits Comp.Gold, 2021ASCOT AwardsSilver, 2021Bartender Spirits Awards
  19. Kurayoshi Tottori Bourbon Barrel Japanese Whisky
    Founded in 1910 as a producer of sake and shochu, Matsui and its Kurayoshi Distillery are located in Tottori Prefecture, northwest of Kyoto and northeast of Hiroshima on the shore of the Sea of Japan. Matsui has proven itself to be masterful in blending and aging whisky with both its Kurayoshi...
  20. Lunazul Double Barrel Reposado Tequila
    This limited edition Lunazul Double Barrel Reposado is released by Heaven Hill in partnership with Tierra de Agaves distillery (NOM 1513). Double-barreled, it ages first in American white oak, then finishes in Heaven Hill's 11-year-old bourbon barrels. Master Distiller Francisco Quijano then blends the spirit with select extra aejo tequila....