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  1. High West Manhattan Barrel Finished Cocktail
    A premium pre-batched cocktail, matured in used rye barrels- allowing the flavors to create a rich, smooth, and well-rounded product. Manhattan made with Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Straight Rye Whiskey, Vermouth, and Bitters. HOW TO ENJOYPour it over ice and garnish with a cherry. Unopened bottles have a 3 Year shelf life, once opened, refrigerate for...
  2. High West Old Fashioned Barrel Finished Cocktail
    A premium pre-batched cocktail, matured in used rye barrels-allowing the flavors to create a rich, smooth, and well-rounded product. Made with Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Straight Rye Whiskey, Demerara Sugar, and Bitters. HOW TO ENJOY Pour it over ice and garnish with an orange and lemon twist. Unopened bottles have a 3 Year shelf life,...
  3. Heaven's Door Double Barrel Whiskey
    Heaven's Door is an award-winning collection of handcrafted American whiskeys developed in partnership with Bob Dylan. The perfect blend of art and craft, each bottle of Heaven's Door showcases Dylan's distinctive welded iron gates that he created in his studio, Black Buffalo Ironworks. Comprised of a unique blend of three different...
  4. New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon
    New Riff Distilling’s core Bourbon expression is a genuinely high-rye, full bodied whiskey offering savory, spicy character, bottled at Barrel Proof without Chill Filtration. Featuring a mash bill of non-GMO grains at 65% corn, 30% rye, and 5% malted barley, it represents a new riff on Kentucky’s most hallowed whiskey traditions. Aged four...
  5. Union Horse Barrel Strength Reunion Rye Whiskey
    Handcrafted from a 100% rye mash and distilled in a copper pot still. Barreled at a proof of 110 and aged in new Missouri oak, each barrel is carefully selected by Artisan Distillers then blended to taste. Uncut and unfiltered, its whiskey in its purest form reserved for the best of times. Tasting...
  6. Robert Mondavi Private Selection Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
    Layered and complex, this Bourbon Barrel-aged Cabernet Sauvignon leaps from the glass with aromas of blackberry cobbler, graham cracker, brown sugar, milk chocolate, coffee and smoke. A palate of blueberry pie, praline, sweet vanilla custard, caramel and mocha is framed by soft, chewy tannins and a hint of toasted oak on the...
  7. Sale
    Jefferson's Rye Cognac Finish Single Barrel - Randall's
    Single Barrel Bottled Especially for Randall's Wines & Spirits Barrel # 91 Jefferson’s Rye Cognac Finish marries the spice of American Rye with the refinement of cognac. Double barreled for at least 9 months and up to 19 months, it exemplifies Jefferson’s renowned and innovative maturation techniques. The Cognac finish adds complexity...
    $59.97 $69.99
  8. Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon
    Nearly two decades after Booker Noe, grandson of Jim Beam and sixth-generation distiller, first introduced Knob Creek, the distillery unveils its first-ever single barrel bourbon, Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve. In keeping with Knob Creek's philosophy that handcrafting superior quality bourbon is worth the effort, the new Knob Creek Single...
  9. Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum
    Black Barrel is a small batch, handcrafted blend made of matured double pot distillates and aged column distillates. In a process called finishing, the blended rum is then matured for a second time in deeply charred Bourbon oak barrels. This unique process releases spicy aromas that are at once balanced, and bold. AROMAS:...
  10. Arran Barrel Reserve Single Malt Scotch
    Bottled at 43%, the Barrel Reserve emphasizes the delicious, sweet fruit notes which are the hallmark of our distillery. A fantastic discovery!The brand new Barrel Reserve is a fresh, light and elegant no-age-statement Single Malt Single Barrel Scotch Whisky. It is 100% matured in Bourbon Barrels and is going to become your...
  11. Old Pepper 4yr Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey
    This is a Randall's Wines & Spirits Single Barrel Selection. Randall's is Internet Wines' parent company and has 5 storefront locations in the St. Louis, MO metro area. The Pepper Distillery in Lexington, KY was initially built in 1880 by Colonel James E. Pepper. At the time, it was said to be...
  12. Wilderness Trail Single Barrel BIB Bourbon
    Wilderness Trail Single Barrel is Bottled in Bond- aged at least 5 years, and bottled at the distillery at 100 proof. The mash bill is comprised of 64 percent corn, 24 percent wheat and 12 percent malted barley , all locally sourced. This is one of the highest ratios of wheat used...
  13. Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Silver Tequila
    Select Barrel Reserve Silver is an estate-grown, 100% blue agave tequila. Unlike most silver tequilas, it is then mellowed in both American and French oak barrels for 30 days, resulting in a fine sipping tequila that is perfectly balanced and full-bodied. COLOR Brilliant, clear with a platinum hue NOSE Crisp, fresh, agave-forward...
  14. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel-Barrel Proof
    Jack Daniels Single Barrel Barrel Proof. Ranging from 125 to 140 proof, it's the distillery's second offering in the Single Barrel Collection. What makes this one different? The interaction of the whiskey with the charred White American Oak barrels, and the fluctuations of the Lynchburg, Tennessee seasons brings out distinct...
  15. Backbone Single Barrel Uncut Bourbon
    **NOT AVAILABLE IN ILLINOIS** A Single Barrel Collaboration between the St. Louis Bourbon Society and Randall's Wines & Spirits. 59% ABV - 118 ProofBarrel Date: Oct 2015Bottled Date: March 2022Age: 6 years, 5 monthsBottle Yield: 189Backbone Bourbon is a true uncut whiskey, one that's meant to be sipped and savored. The quality of this bourbon...
  16. Cardinal Spirits Barrel Proof Single Barrel Bourbon
    Straight from barrel to bottle: this is how whiskey was meant to be enjoyed. This delicious 5-year cask-strength bourbon is sourced from the very best: MGP, a distillery that has been making fine whiskeys in Indiana since 1847. Distilled of regional grain and finished with that trusty Heartland character. Each barrel...
  17. Good Times White Oak Single Barrel Rye
    Rye finished in Toasted American White Oak BarrelsBarrel Strength - Single BarrelStraight Rye WhiskeyLimited Rare Release58% ABV - 116 ProofBarrel # 311Bottled by Whiskey Thief Distilling Co., Frankfort, KYDistilled in Indiana **Picture shows 2 bottles so you can see both sides. The front of all the rye bottles is the same. The difference in...
  18. Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado Tequila
    Select Barrel Reserve Reposado is an estate-grown, 100% blue agave tequila which is rested in both American and French oak barrels for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months, yielding a smooth, complex spirit that is a perfect balance of agave and oak. COLOR Brilliant, golden straw NOSE Vanilla with light oak...
  19. Forty Creek Barrel Select Canadian Whisky
    A blend of various grain whiskies aged in a mix of seasoned ex-Bourbon barrels and new American White Oak for a unique and full flavour profile. APPEARANCE Warm gold color AROMAS Features aromas of honey, vanilla and apricot fused with toasted oak, black walnut, and spice. FLAVOR Robust, complex, rich, and bold flavors...
  20. Horse Soldier Reserve Barrel Strength Bourbon
    Extraordinarily complex with notes of vanilla, ginger, and cherries. This barrel strength “wheated” bourbon is made from small batches of meticulously blended mature whiskey. Horse Soldier bourbon is non-chill filtered to provide a full-bodied and decadent finish. AROMAButterscotch, ginger, cherries TASTINGButterscotch, oak, stone fruits, cola, ginger and floral notes COLORDeep Amber...