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  1. Switchgrass Spirits Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey
    This is Switchgrass Spirits first public single barrel release. They bottled one of their favorite barrels of straight rye. With no water added to this spirit, it’s at its original barrel proof of 107.6.Enjoy notes of tropical fruit, honey, and pepper while sipping on the rocks or neat.There were only...
  2. Amador Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey
    Amador Whiskey Co. Double Barrel marries the best of Kentucky Bourbon with Napa Valley wine barrel finishing. Its journey began in the heart of Bourbon country, where the distillery selected exceptional Kentucky Bourbon that came to life in new charred American oak barrels aged 3.5 years. The distillery transported this...
  3. Heaven's Door Double Barrel Whiskey
    Heaven's Door is an award-winning collection of handcrafted American whiskeys developed in partnership with Bob Dylan. The perfect blend of art and craft, each bottle of Heaven's Door showcases Dylan's distinctive welded iron gates that he created in his studio, Black Buffalo Ironworks. Comprised of a unique blend of three different...
  4. Lunazul Double Barrel Reposado Tequila
    This limited edition Lunazul Double Barrel Reposado is released by Heaven Hill in partnership with Tierra de Agaves distillery (NOM 1513). Double-barreled, it ages first in American white oak, then finishes in Heaven Hill's 11-year-old bourbon barrels. Master Distiller Francisco Quijano then blends the spirit with select extra aejo tequila....
  5. Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Rye
    Russells Reserve has continuously produced some of the best rye whiskeys, and this non-chill filtered, 104 proof single barrel rye is no exception delivering a balance of spicy pepper, vanilla and tobacco flavors. Master Distiller Eddie Russell planned this release for years, resulting in a big whiskey that stands up to any...
  6. New Riff Single Barrel Rye Whiskey
    New Riff Distilling's Single Barrel Rye expression is a full bodied whiskey offering vibrant, spicy character. Bottled at Barrel Proof Without Chill Filtration, and featuring a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted rye, this 100% rye whiskey represents a new riff on one of the most influential of modern whiskey traditions....
  7. Distiller's Cache Sherry Finished Single Barrel Bourbon
    Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in Sherry BarrelsHandcrafted, Single Barrel, individually numbered94 Proof
  8. Distiller's Cache Port Finished Single Barrel Bourbon
    Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in Port Wine Barrels Handcrafted, Single Barrel, individually numbered 94 Proof
  9. High West American Prairie Barrel Select Bourbon
    A Single Barrel Selection Barrel No. 2750150.2% ABVFor: MO Select BarrelFinish Time: 7 monthsBarrel Type: Barreled Manhattan
  10. Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum
    Black Barrel is a small batch, handcrafted blend made of matured double pot distillates and aged column distillates. In a process called finishing, the blended rum is then matured for a second time in deeply charred Bourbon oak barrels. This unique process releases spicy aromas that are at once balanced, and bold. AROMAS:...
  11. Penelope Bourbon Toasted Series Barrel Strength
    Penelope Bourbon Toasted Series explores new and unique expressions of the company's signature four grain straight bourbon whiskey. After full maturation in charred new American oak barrels, they finish Penelope Bourbon in a new, freshly toasted barrel. Each batch is a unique blend of their signature three bourbon mash bills and all...
  12. J.W. Kelly Old Milford Single Barrel Select Bourbon
    Double Oaked Straight Bourbon WhiskeyCask 121Bottled 8/27/2020109 ProofAlso born and raised in the scenic city of Chattanooga TN, J.W. Kelly’s original Single Barrel Bourbon was bottled at cask strength, creating a handmade style with its own unique flavors. Reborn in 2016, this unique single barrel, coming in at 109 proof, is...
  13. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Tennessee Whisky 50ml - 12pk
    It was once a privilege reserved for Jack Daniel's Master Distiller. Exploring the nuances of whiskey from a single barrel. Today, connoisseurs around the world can savor this experience on their own. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey, the world's first charcoal mellowed single barrel Tennessee Whiskey, allows whiskey aficionados to sample...
  14. Good Times Double Oak Single Barrel Bourbon
    Barrel Strength - Single BarrelStraight Bourbon WhiskeyLimited Rare Release60% ABV - 120 ProofBarrel # 339Bottled by Whiskey Thief Distilling Co., Frankfort, KYDistilled in Indiana
  15. Sale
    Nikka Whisky From the Barrel
    **LOWEST PRICE ONLINE** Nikka From The Barrel is a blended whisky created to deliver full flavors and richness of whisky “from barrels” which only blenders can sniff and taste. The iconic bottle is designed to reflect “a small block of whisky” – embodying the rich, strong taste of the whisky within....
    $64.97 $89.99
  16. Corazon Tequila Single Barrel Reposado Aged in Buffalo Trace
    Arouse the senses with Corazón Single Barrel, a personally selected, one-of-a-kind tequila that goes against the grain in essence and in taste. Aged exclusively for 11 months in barrels from Sazerac’s Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Corazón Single Barrel is tequila with an inherently provocative twist.From its beginning in the agave fields nested...
  17. Righteous Seven Barrel Reserve Liqueur 375ml
    The Original Righteous Seven® liqueur is made exclusively from the Seven Species of wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranate, olives, and dates. Kabbalistic tradition correlates these seven supernatural fruits and grains with the seven emotive characteristics of the human soul. Righteous Road® Craft Spirits has now taken their award-winning liqueur and...
  18. Four Roses Bourbon Single Barrel 100 proof
    A premium Single Barrel Bourbon with a taste you'll want to savor again and again. Complex, full bodied and surprisingly smooth with a long finish that's unbelievably mellow. Nose: Fruity, spicy, floral, caramel, vanilla, cocoa, maple syrup, moderately woody. Palate: Hints of ripe plum & cherries, robust, full body, mellow. Finish: Smooth &...
  19. The Senator Barrel Proof Straight Rye Whiskey
    Barrel Proof Straight Rye Whiskey Aged a minimum of 6 years in new charred oak barrels, mingling 10-20 select barrels. Bottled at barrel proof to showcase the bold Rye flavors. "A nutty palate with notes of toffee, orange peel, herbs and light tobacco, with chocolate brownies and blackberry emerging with water." -Whiskey...
  20. Horse Soldier Reserve Barrel Strength Bourbon
    Extraordinarily complex with notes of vanilla, ginger, and cherries. This barrel strength “wheated” bourbon is made from small batches of meticulously blended mature whiskey. Horse Soldier bourbon is non-chill filtered to provide a full-bodied and decadent finish. AROMAButterscotch, ginger, cherries TASTINGButterscotch, oak, stone fruits, cola, ginger and floral notes COLORDeep Amber...